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New products for heat pumps

SWEP launches a new product range of for heat pump applications. Now more customers can get highly efficient heat transfer solutions with low weight, compact size, and small hold-up volume. The launched range comprises F80AS and F85 models.

The F80AS is built on the successful 80 platform and adds the advantages of the SWEP patented AsyMatrix technology, offering increased thermal performance and reduced pressure drop. The optimization enables a significant increase in heat flux, saving energy and giving impressive efficiency gains for high efficiency chiller and heat pump systems.

The F85 model is a highly efficient reversible evaporator developed to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of heat pump efficiency. It is the perfect choice for high performance heat pumps and the large connection size allows it to cope with high capacities. The small pressing depth reduces the footprint and makes the F85 more compact with a higher performance than previous generations.

Both the F80AS and F85 utilize the fully integrated distribution system which is optimized for high efficiency evaporation and is the most efficient and versatile in the market.

BPHEs are high performing and flexible building blocks for heat pumps, allowing for smaller and lighter systems – while improving performance. SWEP have a long and successful experience of developing distribution systems for ground source heat pumps that assures stable evaporation with low superheat. This both improves system performance and drastically reduces risk of freezing.