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SWEP’s APAC sales team donates to local orphanage during visit

SWEP’s APAC Sales Team participated in a community involved event in which they visited a Non-profit NGO Orphanage in Malaysia.

The inaugural non-China APAC Sales Team Meeting was held June 26th-29th in Malaysia. Colleagues from four corners of the continent – from India to Oceania and Japan to ASEAN – travelled thousands of miles to converge in Sunway which is located 20 minutes from the SWEP Kuala Lumpur plant.  The assembled team discussed strategies to increase market share and profitability amidst the current erratic market situation. 

However, the meeting didn't just focus on business matters, but also included a chance for the SWEP team members to donate their time and energy to a wonderful cause.  On the first day, the team learned of an outreach activity that would take place later that evening which included a visit to the nearby Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (RACTAR) orphanage (http://ractar.bolgspot.com/) located in Subang Jaya, Malaysia which is home to many young girls.  RACTAR is a non-profit NGO. 

The team was split into multi-national groups and given their task which was to shop for food and beverage necessities for the girls that they could donate during their visit.

The visit to the RACTAR orphanage turned out to be a great success and helped to shine a light on those in need and what SWEP can continue to do in the future to help them in various ways.  It is hoped that our multi-national presence there will inspire this generation of the future to achieve great things despite the many hurdles and hardships they have faced in life. 

SWEP strives to do their very best to make a positive impact in the lives of people all over the world and will continue to take part in these types of activities globally.