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Reduced footprint with SWEP’s CO2 transcritical booster and water loop

Targeting supermarkets, SWEP meets the demands in the refrigeration segment with a complete range of brazed plate heat exchangers that are engineered to deliver the highest COP and the lowest life-cycle cost.

SWEP’s portfolio for gas cooler applications includes the B17, B18 and the newly released B185, enabling the recovery of heat generated by refrigeration equipment from 10 to 350 kW. The advanced technology allows for a working pressure of up to 140 bar without any external frame, offering an extremely versatile solution that is easy to install and handle.

SWEP, focusing on water loop technology, has also been able to solve the potential “inefficiency” introduced in a system by using a secondary loop. The new asymmetric B8LAS and B26 have been tested as condensers, enabling a temperature approach of 1.0K. This can be compared to a regular brazed plate heat exchanger that is able to offer 5.0°K. In addition, the asymmetry reduces the water pressure drop, minimizing the power consumption of the pump. 

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