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SWEP products meet heat pump demands

SWEP meets the growing global demand for increased energy efficiency by offering ultra-compact formats for the light commercial and residential heat pump market: the brazed plate heat exchangers B26 and the B8LAS, which are new to the market.

Both exchangers utilize the unique AsyMatrix® technology, offering high heat transfer efficiency with low pressure drop. This enables system builders to make more efficient and compact systems. The B26 is designed to be a high-performance condenser, making it ideal for heat pump applications, and the compact B8LAS offers high efficiency and versatile solutions for high-efficiency heat pumps and refrigeration applications.

SWEP also offers a state-of-the-art evaporator for ground-source heat pumps. The Q85 presents a step change and pushes the limits of the thermodynamic laws for an evaporator. This solution is also optimized for variable flow compressors. Larger capacity reversible heat pumps benefit from the new 80 series which combine great condenser performance and solid evaporator performance.

SWEP is a Swedish-based company and part of the Dover Corporation. Always at the forefront of brazed plate heat exchanger technology, SWEP offers a wide range of products that allows you to optimize the use of energy, material, and space in your heating and cooling systems.

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