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XReference BPHE replacement tool

Finding the right BPHE alternatives to replace other BPHE brand models is really easy with XReference; an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that suggests the right and best SWEP replacement model in just a couple of clicks.

BPHE replacement alternatives can be be quickly assessed with look up tabs such as competing brand, model and number of plates. 

Stand-alone or integrated in DThermX selection software
XReference is a complement to, and an enhancement of the existing DThermX selection software; (our online version of SSP G8), which offers advanced high precision data for your BPHE solution.

Try the stand-alone tool for BPHE replacement: XRereference

For more advanced calculations, XReference is also integrated and accessible within the DThermX selection software and can be used simultaneously while working, saving and retrieving your DThermX calculations online. 

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