Customer Portal news

After launching SWEP Customer Portal in April 2022, we have gained a great deal of experience and valuable inputs from customers who work with the Customer Portal on a daily basis.

New features and improvements – June 2023

Since June 2023 our Customer Portal now has several new features and improvements such as refill date, re-order button, and connection height. To shorten lead times and improve accuracy in the displayed Available Quantity and Refills, we have also taken significant steps in strengthening availability in our European Warehouse. Find all following improvements and functionalities detailed below.

Refill date visibility on product listing
You no longer need to add items to cart to find out when next incoming goods are available, just hover over the “I” ikon to see refill and stock availability dates.

Connection height displayed on PLP
Some brazed plate heat exchangers appear very similar on stock, with only connection height differing. This information is now also shown on the product listing page, making it easy to compare and choose the right product.

Alphabetical and searchable ship-to addresses
Stored shipping addresses are displayed alphabetically by company name in the dashboard during check-out. A search function has been added to quickly find the needed shipping address.

Re-order button on previous ECOM orders
All previous orders are easy to see in the order history section and a re-order button will appear for easy re-ordering to fill the cart with the same items.

Improved search function
The general search function has been updated to make it easier to search for and find products using full denominations, BAN and connections. BAN, type and size are at the very top and expanded for easy usage. When searching only for size of a heat exchanger e.g. 10T, we recommend using filter for best results. 

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