SWEP introduces new pressure class for the B427 model

SWEP’s versatile B427 model is used in many different types of applications such as district heating, district cooling, HVAC, and energy recovery. 


SWEP is now releasing the B427-Y class (20 bar @ 20 ⁰C) unit. This is essentially a stripped model to meet the needs for those who do not require a unit which can withstand such high pressures as the robust B427-S class (29 bar) can. The B427 is also available in a lower L-pressure class (11 bar @ 20⁰ C) together with connection plates. The number of connection choices are also increased.

This efficient BPHE (brazed plate heat exchanger) has four different plate types, making it easy to adapt for a wide variety of applications. It can handle water flow rates of up to 156 m³/h (686 gpm).  Read more on the 427 model and download product sheets here.

The B427 model is part of SWEP’s collection of AHRI-certified BPHEs.  As the first BPHEs to be certified by AHRI (the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute), they are well suited to HVAC, district heating and district cooling applications.  AHRI’s certification programs are well recognized as a performance verifier for heating, air conditioning, and commercial refrigeration equipment.  Read more about our AHRI certifed range here.