SWEP improves Carbon Footprint Standard: CO2 Reduced organisation certification


SWEP’s carbon management journey

Back in 2017, SWEP made the decision to start the effort of decreasing our carbon footprint and so our carbon management journey began.   The very first Carbon Footprint Assessment was done in 2016 and since then, SWEP has continued to collate and analyze the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our international business operations so we could see how large of an impact we had on the environment.  This long-term journey starting in collaboration with a specialist consultant from Carbon Footprint Ltd.

SWEP passed, and improved

In order to see whether SWEP had maintained the Carbon Footprint Standard, Carbon Footprint Ltd audited the carbon footprint assessment (Jan-Dec 2019 data period) through a remote review of the input data for the period as well as in consultation with SWEP’s Global Quality and Environmental Manager, Pavol Cizmar.

The result of the audit made by Carbon Footprint Ltd found no material errors in the assessment of 2019. We are pleased to announce that SWEP has successfully passed the audit and stepped from “assessed” to a Carbon Footprint Standard: CO2 Reduced organisation certification.