SWEP find ways for the path forward

As the weeks are passing by, we´re getting used to a reality that we hardly could imagine just a few months ago. Even though the pandemic has made some processes slowing down at our facilities we are grateful that we still can operate and are dedicated to continuing to do so as we are considered an essential business in many regions. We will continue to be very cautious and the safety of our employees is always our first priority.

In China where the society is opening up again, we welcome the increased demand and ramping up in pace. In EMEA both our plants are operating and the extension of the Landskrona plant is running according to plan. In Americas where the maybe toughest period is maybe right now, we take all steps we possibly can to operate and support our market there in best possible way.

We respect all suppliers, sub-contractors, customers and other stakeholders we need to stay in physical contact with to keep business running. But the circumstances have also inspired us to find new ways to communicate and “meet” with our customers and do business when travelling and face-to-face meetings are no options. Even though online meetings and trainings have been used before we have started to bring out webinars, initially in China and soon in all regions. A suitable and convenient alternative for all customers, that can watch them either live and participate in discussions, or afterwards at a time that suits better.

We are very proud over and deeply thankful for our fantastic employees that are supporting each other and work together with whatever task is needed to be done. And not only that; initiatives are taken to help the healthcare by making visors in 3D-printers. We welcome the spirit and hope we also can inspire others to help in whatever way they may.

We feel hope and have confidence that we will come out from this global crisis and even though the world might not go back to what it was before the pandemic we look forward to a more normal situation.

Finally, our thoughts are with all who fallen victim to the pandemic, some who are fighting for their lives and all that fight so hard to help them.