SWEP Keeps the Business Running

Our number one priority continues to be the safety of all employees, customers, partners and the communities we serve. Out of an abundance of caution due to the ongoing concerns raised by the outbreak of the coronavirus, we have implemented the following measures from our preparedness plan to ensure business continuity:

  1. We are limiting non-critical business travel and holding meetings using conferencing systems.
  2. We are limiting the number of employees at the workplace with our remote work policies.
  3. We are using videoconference or Skype instead of physical meetings as much as possible.
  4. We are communicating precautionary actions to all employees and offer masks and other preventive supplies.
  5. We are increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing in our facilities; 
  6. We ask all our approved suppliers, sub-contractors and partners to keep us informed of their own contingency plans, which allow us to proactively manage our core services and supplies.
  7. We have a Response Team in place and are regularly meeting and assessing the situation to help guide appropriate measures that need to be taken during this situation to ensure that our operations continue running.   

With the above as our top priority, our production and continued supply to our customers comes next. We are committed to keeping the business operational and to servicing and delivering as far as possible. Many of our production sites around the world are to some extent impacted by the coronavirus pandemic but we are diligently allocating all resources available to minimize the disturbance. 

Within our customer range, there are several businesses that have a critical impact on people and processing essential needs, for example:

  • Production, transport, storage and selling points related to the food chain.
  • Temperature control systems in healthcare infrastructure & pharma production. 
  • Cooling of servers and data centers.
  • Emergency power generators for hospitals. 

We are well equipped to manage the supply to those, and others, as long as national regulations do not detain manufacturing and logistics.

For further information regarding any of the above then please do not hesitate to reach out to your usual SWEP contact or info@swep.net.