SWEP’s continuity of supply protects your logistics and customers

Although social distancing keeps people safe, what challenges does it present to international logistics where efficiency is crucial? For B2B businesses, it may lead to “product distancing” too, which is bad news to both suppliers and customers alike.

With a history dating back 90 years, Kirby is using their experience to contribute to customers’ ongoing success by offering a range of fully featured Commercial Refrigeration Equipment supplied ready to install, at a value price with assurance of toughness, efficiency, and reliability. The Australian market rates efficient service highly, so Kirby partners with SWEP to ensure continuity of local BPHE (Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger) stock. This enables BPHEs to be supplied rapidly to the two main supermarket chains in Australia: Woolworths and Coles.

When one of Woolworths’ stores recently experienced BHPE issues with a unit sourced from another manufacturer, Kirby was able to offer Woolworths a timely solution with a SWEP replacement direct from the SWEP Australia Central Warehouse, allowing the store to continue operating with minimal impact.

SWEP has warehouses in India (ICW), Australia (ACW), Malaysia (ADC) and China (CCW). These build a flexible buffer into our supply chain that copes with freight problems, personnel shortages, production reduction during holidays, and most any other issue that may arise.

With COVID-19 expected to be prevalent into the foreseeable future, we are confident we can offer our customers a resilient stock solution to secure their operations. Do not hesitate to ask your SWEP sales contact about our stock security solutions.

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