SWEP celebrates World Car Free Day

September 22 is World Car Free Day, promoting the use of mass transit, cycling and walking as alternatives to cars. The initiative stems from the oil crisis in 1973, with striking relevance to a 2022 context. Around 60 SWEP colleagues took on the challenge and pledged their participation to World Car Free Day.

A day to reflect on our habits

While cars are greatly convenient for daily commuting and less pollutant than in the 1970s, they are still a major contributor of carbon emissions that lead to global warming and take up space for roads and parking in cities, leaving less room for parks and greenery. World Car Free day is a day to reflect on our habits and try out alternative means of transportation.

SWEP celebrates World Car Free Dayencouragingour employees to avoid cars for the day. This year, around 60 colleagues from all SWEP locationstook on the challenge and pledged their participation by walkingcycling or commuting by public transportation or working from home to show commitment to a sustainable future.

Sustainability in the our DNA  

Although World Car Free Day is a symbolic and a one-day event, SWEP resolve to celebrate with active engagement from our employees world-wide is an engrained part of the company DNA where we believe in creating more from less and that our future rests on giving more energy than we take – from our planet and our people. World Car Free Day for SWEP means:  

  • Raising awareness and putting a spotlight on sustainability internally and promote having a sustainable mindset in everything that we do 

  • Encouraging employee engagement and feeling of ownership of sustainabilitywhere everyone needs to contribute to reach SWEP sustainability goals 

  • Employee emissions from commuting count towards our scope 3 emissions as a company, encourage employees to try more sustainable methods of commuting