A remarkable year for SWEP

2023 has been a a remarkable year for SWEP 
40-year anniversary, new R&D facilities, new global headquarters and award recognitions gearing up for the future.

The comfort of everyday life, warm and cold water, heating and cooling in office buildings, schools, factories, data centers, homes, hospitals, and food supplies kept at just the right temperature is something many of us take for granted. It all involves heat transfer and heat transfer requires energy.

Finding the most energy efficient heat transfer solution was core for the handful of engineers who founded SWEP in 1983. They saw the potential and brought the brazed plate heat exchanger to the market. After 40 years of innovation and development, brazed technology is still core to SWEP, delivering products that contribute to the comfort of modern living by delivering sustainable and unprecedented heat transfer solutions.

In 2023, SWEP celebrates 40-year years in business and now a global
company with 1,200 employees, 20 offices and five production sites.

The onward journey for sustainable energy transitioning
In 2023, SWEP celebrates its 40-year anniversary and having grown into a global company with 1,200 employees, 20 offices, five production sites and presence in many end-markets and applications where efficient heat transfer is needed. What started as a well-routed idea grew into a solidified mission to lead the conversion to sustainable heat transfer solutions. The company’s own ambitions for the future underline the role of brazed heat transfer technology to support sustainable energy transitioning and this work is also being noticed by several outside parties, recognizing and awarding SWEPs work.

Nesting innovation with new R&D center
Innovation and R&D capabilities have been a cornerstone in SWEPs history from the early years and is fundamental to staying close to customers. During summer 2023, SWEP moved into new R&D facilities in Landskrona, named ‘Techgarden’. This custom-built site for SWEP's technical expertise houses innovation laboratory and new testing facilities equipped with robotics and other technologies to test and experiment with new solutions.

Adapting to growth and increasing market demands naturally calls for both an agile and innovative product development process, but also the ability to make production more efficient and to develop and expand production capabilities at an adequate pace. All of SWEPs production sites have seen various investments during the year in production capacity, equipment, and automation over the past couple of years and this work will continue.


SWEPs new R&D center 'Techgarden' and a move to new, global
headquarters in Landskrona are both celebration highlights in 2023.

Local roots - global reach
Yet another milestone for 2023 is the inauguration of brand new, global headquarters. The move to new premises in the hometown of Landskrona, Sweden signifies a commitment to local roots. The location is attractive for commuters and a state-of-the-art digital workspace accommodates a flexible working model, geared with sun cells and e-vehicle charging stations. Indeed, this was also recently recognized by MiH; a Helsingborg area-based marketing association, when SWEP was awarded Company of the Year in late October “for work and products that contribute to a sustainable future and for staying true to local roots, investing, and growing in the region”. Over the years, SWEP has grown to become the 4th largest employer in the city of Landskrona.

Attracting young talent
Investing in people and talent with the right mindset is important to SWEP’s path for growth. Earlier this year, SWEP received recognition for doing exactly this when the company was awarded as “Career Company 2023” in Sweden by Karriärföretagen. The ability to appeal to young professionals by offering unique career and development opportunities was highlighted. An independent, expert jury evaluated 1000 Swedish companies, government agencies, authorities and municipalities and appointed winners in different categories.

Sustainable diligence and EcoVadis silver medal recognition to ESG work
Sustainability has been at the core of SWEPs dedication to resource efficiency and sustainable heat transfer solutions from the very beginning. With global climate change and phaseout of fossil-fueled boilers climbing up the agenda for more sustainable alternatives, brazed plate heat exchangers will continue to play a central role in energy transition. In 2021, SWEP introduced a framework to work with the Environmental, Social and Governance UN pillars (ESG) with an appointed ESG team and key initiates to analyze and improve operations, work methods, product materials and other areas with a direct impact on sustainability.  This work was recently recognized by independent EcoVadis; the world’s largest provider of business sustainability ratings with a global network of more than 100,000+ rated companies.

EcoVadis silver medal recognition for ESG work excellence.

The silver medal was awarded for excellent sustainability work by both SWEP International and in the Landskrona plant, particularly noticed for clear goals, actions and results in environmental areas such as reducing water withdrawals and carbon emissions, along with ISO14001 certification, promoting employee health and safety, improving working conditions and developing diversity, equity and inclusion.

2023 SWEP celebration highlights

  • 1983 –2023: 40-year anniversary
  • Opening of TechGarden; new R&D facilities in Landskrona, Sweden
  • Opening of new HQ facilities in Landskrona, Sweden
  • Career Company of the Year award, Karriärföretagen
  • Company of the Year regional award, MIH Marketing association
  • EcoVadis silver medal recognition for ESG work excellence