SWEP supports World Water Day

At SWEP the topic of water is close to our hearts. Today is the 20th anniversary of World Water Day, a United Nations observance day to raise awareness about water, sanitation, and to promote sustainable water usage globally. Our brazed plate heat exchangers are used in tap water solutions around the world, ensuring temperature-controlled tap water so people can meet their hygiene and sanitation needs. The theme of World Water Day 2023 is Accelerating Change, which SWEP contributes to through our constant innovation.


Increases durability in tap water systems with harsh water quality

For many years, SWEP has offered double-wall brazed plate heat exchangers specifically for tap water applications. In 2022, we launched our latest model B8DW. The B8DW is our so far most compact double-wall brazed plate heat exchangers optimized for small to medium capacity applications. Double wall technology ensures that fluids do not mix preventing any hazardous fluid from entering the tap water side in case of a leakage. Our brazed plate heat exchangers also hold a variety of tap water certifications from regulatory bodies around the world, ensuring that they meet local quality standards.

This year, our innovative Sealix technology celebrates its 5th anniversary. Sealix products have a SiO₂-based thin-film coating which increases durability in tap water systems with harsh water quality – keeping tap water applications running efficiently for longer. We are proud to continue our investment in this technology in 2023, ensuring our capacity to continue to provide Sealix brazed plate heat exchangers.

Taking action to reduce water usage in manufacturing

At SWEP, we also recognize the impact that our own water usage has on our local communities which is why we are taking action to reduce water usage in manufacturing. From 2021 to 2022 we reduced our water withdrawal intensity per kg brazed plate heat exchangers produced by over 20% and our absolute water withdrawals in m3 by over 12%.

While we are contributing through our innovation and business practices, we recognize that the global water and sanitation crisis is a big challenge and requires additional effort. To further contribute to the cause of World Water Day, SWEP will donate a portion of the revenue from each brazed plate heat exchanger intended for tap water applications sold between March 20-24th 2023 to WaterAid. This donation will allow WaterAid to continue their mission of providing clean water and sanitation for all.

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