Saving the mummies

SWEP is well known to go the extra mile to help customers. This is a historic reminisce of an unexpected crisis that occurred many years ago at the Egyptian Museum in Berlin, that called for unexpected measures to save 3,000-year-old mummies!

Sören Friis-Hansen, at the time SWEP Strategic Key Account Manager, recalls the situation quite clearly. “As I remember, it was around 2000 or 2001. I got a call from a colleague, who was clearly in a bit of distress. He had installed precision chillers a few years previously in the Egyptian Museum of Berlin, but they had malfunctioned and the rooms of the museum that housed the mummies weren’t being kept at the right temperature.  

“This was a serious problem, because the mummies would be destroyed if they were kept at the wrong temperature for too long. We would have been happy to help of course, but the heat exchangers in the chillers were obsolete – we had stopped producing them many years earlier.  

“At that time, our inventory was not as accurate as it is now, so I thought there was a possibility there might have been some units left over somewhere. I called a colleague in Landskrona who knew more about our warehouses than anyone and asked him to look for some of these heat exchangers.  

Unexpected crisis requiring unexpected measures to save 3,000-year-old mummies

“I received a call back a few hours later. Luckily, it turned out, that some heat exchangers had been found. We did a quick check on the configuration and realized that we sat with the solution and had to act right away! Of course, we still had to get them to Berlin before the mummies melted! We got hold of a taxi driver, and he drove through the night to deliver the heat exchangers to the museum. The museum had an installer waiting, and they managed to get them in place without any damage to the collection.  

“Afterwards, I received calls both from the museum director and from the account manager, who were incredibly relieved. This was the most thankful customer I’ve ever had, and it was a proud moment and a fun story to look back at that we made history the safe history of these irreplaceable mummies!”