SWEP helps deliver large cost savings for resort through sustainable water heating solution

Ecogetec, with the help of SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers, teamed up to provide a sustainable, energy efficient heating solution at a popular Brazilian resort that resulted in an annual savings of $116,000!

A focus on sustainability and economical savings

Ecogetec is a Brazilian company that offers solutions for heating water from biomass with a focus on sustainability and economical savings. This innovative technology can be used in multiple applications at resorts, hotels, water parks and gyms.

SWEP joined forces with Ecogetec for a project at the top resort Recanto de Alvorado. A total of (32) SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers were required to heat five swimming pools and the water for forty-two rooms within the resort.

Swimming pool at resort Recanto de Alvorado.

Savings and a sustainability aspect

Ecogetec uses biomass to heat water for different applications, thus bringing about savings and a sustainability aspect to their many projects.

With 10 years of experience in the heating market, Ecogetec is a leader in the production and sales of systems that use reforestation wood, pallets and firewood to heat water in several hotels and water parks. Through years of research, they were able to develop a method that optimizes the combustion of the material, while preventing waste from being released into the environment.

In addition to being eco-friendly, Ecogetec heaters can also offer financial savings of up to 80% when compared to other energy sources such as gas, fuel and electricity. The excellent savings provided, paired with their commitment to environmental responsibility, have given Ecogetec the possibility to grow in the market for heating medium and large projects.

SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers installed next to ECOTURBO G-800 heater.
SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers installed next to ECOTURBO G-800 heater.

Unrivaled performance with low life cycle costs


SWEP's value proposition is based on the optimization of energy, material, efficiency and space in thermal exchange. SWEP has the expertise and innovation to find sustainable brazed plate heat exchanger solutions that provide unrivaled performance with low life cycle costs. We challenge efficiency in all that we do, with the strong belief that our products are part of a sustainable future.

For 6 years, the partnership between SWEP and Ecogetec has provided comfort for people and savings for multiple projects, while respecting environmental sustainability by being mindful of our planet and how we impact it.

Recanto da Alvorada Eco Resort offer an ecologically sustainable space

Recanto da Alvorada Eco Resort is a farm hotel located in Torrinha, São Paulo, Brazil. Its mission is to offer an ecologically sustainable space while allowing its patrons to connect with nature, whether in search of leisure or for specific events offered by the resort. Recanto’s accommodations include 42 rooms, a lake for activities, 5 swimming pools, a hospitality center, gym/fitness area, bars and restaurants.

For the project, it was necessary to heat 5 swimming pools, totaling 1398 m³ of water, as well as 42 bathrooms with water for bathing. To meet the demand of the pools and rooms, a total of (32) brazed plate heat exchangers were installed on the premises.

A brazed plate heat exchanger to provide maximum thermal heat transfer

In order to heat the bath water in the accommodations, (19) SWEP E5THx40 model heat exchangers were chosen. The E5TH is a compact model that was developed to provide maximum thermal heat transfer from the first to the last plate, which means the E5TH’s construction allows even the cover plates to be used in the heat transfer process.

As for the heating of the 5 pools, (13) B80ASHx50 models were used thanks to their excellent performance in applications with high capacities.

SWEP E5THx40's installed onsite.
SWEP E5THx40's installed onsite.

Sustainable economy

To meet the total thermal capacity of 80,000 kcal/h, Ecogetec used the ECOTURBO G-800 heater to heat the water supplied by SWEP's heat exchangers.

If we compare the calorific power of a fuel with that of reforestation firewood, it is possible to verify that firewood has the capacity to provide more energy per volume. The calorific value of fuels is defined as the amount of internal energy contained in the fuel. The higher the calorific value, the greater the energy contained.

More eco-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective solutions

Compared to natural gas, using wood from reforestation is 6 times more economical. With this new water heating system installed, the estimated value of annual savings for Recanto da Alvorada Eco Resort is $116,000.

The strong partnership that SWEP and Ecogetec have built over the years is due to their shared and continued commitment and support to their customers. We believe that quality and efficiency can join economic and environmental sustainability and we hope to continue delivering these values in future projects, bringing about more eco-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective solutions around the globe.