Biogas purification with liquified CO2 from heat exchangers

- Minimizing energy consumption through cryogenic distillation. French based VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ has been a pioneer in biogas purification since the first unit was developed in 2010. The company recently expanded its range of biogas valorization solutions to meet the diversity of uses and needs: BioCO2, BioLNG, and BioHydrogen. SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers have had multiple core functions in the liquefaction stages. 

Based in Montaigu-Vendée, France, VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ is a specialized company committed in the field of renewable energies with expertise in valorization of renewable gas solutions: Biomethane, BioCO2, BioLNG, and BioHydrogen.

As pioneer in Biomethane valorization in France, VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ developed its first biogas purification unit in 2010. The company offers reliable and viable biogas purification solutions into Biomethane through Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and membrane filtration, suitable for projects of all sizes in biogas production.

Since 2018, leveraging proven technological expertise, VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ has expanded its range of biogas valorization solutions to meet the diversity of uses and needs: BioCO2, BioLNG, and BioHydrogen.

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Pure liquid CO2

The purification of biogas into Biomethane generates two main streams: Biomethane, mainly composed of CH4, and the lean gas, referred to as "offgas," primarily composed of CO2. This lean gas is captured, purified, liquefied, and distilled by VERDEMOBIL BIOCO2 installations, allowing for the valorization of 100% of the biogas with zero emissions of CH4 and CO2 into the atmosphere.

VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ's BioCO2 modules have the primary goal of cooling and purifying the lean gas from the biogas purification stage to produce 99.9% pure liquid CO2 through a cryogenic distillation process, consuming minimal energy. Brazed plate heat exchangers designed and sized by SWEP are used in this process to liquefy CO2 using a refrigerant fluid.

Multiple core functions in liquefaction stages from heat exchangers

SWEP's brazed plate heat exchangers play a crucial role in an innovative cryogenic cascade system. They are utilized in VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ's liquefaction system at various stages:

• Pre-cooling

• Liquefaction

• Heat recovery

• Vaporization

• Condensation on process fluids and/or auxiliaries.

In total, SWEP heat exchangers are present in the 8 operational modules, enabling the capture and valorization of 34,500 tons of BioCO2 per year.

Kevin PREAU, Engineering Manager at VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ, expresses satisfaction with the long-term relationship between SWEP and VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ.

“The choice of SWEP's brazed plate heat exchangers stems from their wide range of products, offering a compact design for space optimization and system customization. Regarding cost, service and team responsiveness to deadlines, SWEP receives an A+ rating from VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ”.


Gazteam BioCO2


VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ currently comprises a dynamic team of over 40 individuals, including engineers and technicians who are experts in their respective fields, to support projects worldwide. The company also has its own manufacturing and assembly workshop.

As of now, VERDEMOBIL BIOGAZ has 38 biomethane biogas purification installations, 8 BioCO2 purification and liquefaction installations, 1 BioLNG liquefaction installation, and 1 BioH2 production installation in operation in France, as well as in Canada, Italy, and Germany.