SWEP Introduces the E5K to Boiler Range

SWEP introduces the new E5K heat exchanger to its boiler range. The E5K is compatible with high-efficiency condensing boilers and optimizes heat transfer while achieving a low water pressure drop on the central heating side.  The E5K is equipped with SWEP’s patented AsyMatrix® technology, which enables high asymmetry between the central heating and tap water sides.

“We are pleased to be launching the E5K product with its optimized heat transfer efficiency, outstanding mechanical properties and low-pressure drop on the central heating side. The E5K brings great value to our customers and complements our BPHE boiler range,” stated Anders Kronstrom, Lead Design Engineer.

The ultra-compact and energy efficient E5K optimizes the mechanical strength of the boiler by incorporating an All-Active plate pack. This has start and end plates that provide mechanical stability and higher thermal efficiency. The operating temperature of the boiler is lowered, resulting in faster hot water production.

SWEP’s heat exchanger range for boilers includes the E5K, E5AS, E5P, E6T, and E8AS, which are available in a range of capacities. Their unique design, with integrated start and end plates, makes for a compact product, which optimizes efficiency. 

Download the product sheet for the E5K here.

For more information about the SWEP BPHE boiler range, contact your local SWEP office or visit www.swep.net.