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Prípadové štúdie

Co-generation engine cooler

There are different ways to make electricity. In this case a combustion engine, driven by natural gas, is used.

What happened to all that sticky oil?

Most travelers on passenger ships will probably never have the chance to see the impressive machinery needed to run the ship.

Small details count on the high seas

Designing and constructing marine engines is one of the biggest challenges a manufacturer can face. As well as meeting tough demands for accessibility and output, the engines must be able to withstand huge stresses, depending on the load and climatic conditions. And space is a critical variable — the more compact the engine, the more space there is for cargo, and the simpler it is to carry out maintenance.

Turkey promotes a more sustainable society

Turkey is currently experiencing an increase in population combined with an urbanization rate that has risen rapidly, from 53% in 1990 to 75% in 2008. New buildings are constantly being erected in urban areas, and it is necessary to find cost-effective ways to save energy. 

Nefit goes for AsyMatrix®

Dutch company Nefit uses our heat exchanger based on the AsyMatrix® concept in the company’s boilers.

Heat exchangers save maintenance

Hässleholm Miljö AB installed two SWEP B649 brazed plate heat exchangers in its incineration plant during the spring and summer of 2013. These replaced a 10 MW gasketed heat exchanger that had been in operation since 2002. The benefits are reduced costs and increased reliability.

Systém na ohrev kontajnera pre technické služby

Spoločnosť DK-Dampfsysteme GmbH & Co. KG sa špecializuje na plánovanie, výrobu a montáž parných a kondenzačných systémov. V mobilnom systéme pre technické služby v talianskom Brunecku používa spájkovaný doskový tepelný výmenník B649 od SWEPu.

BPHE pomáha pri výrobe PET fliaš

Priemysel s nealkoholickými nápojmi je hlavný faktor, ktorý poháňa vývoj fliaš z polyetylén tereftalátu (PET).

BPHEs making chocolate

Na celom svete sa mnoho pozornosti venuje pneumatickej doprave a množstvu jej možností a výhod. 

Segmentu s luxusnými produktami záleží na ekológii

BMW Hydrogen 7 – prvé vodíkom poháňané luxusné vozidlo na svete – predstavili ho na medzinárodnom autosalóne v Los Angeles.

District energy for a whole new town

Anting New Town is part of Shanghai's One City, Nine Towns plan. Designed to accommodate a population of 50,000, it has been built in a modern European style, with a comprehensive district energy system to match.