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Prípadové štúdie

Solárny ohrev

Moderné solárne kolektory sú čoraz účinnejšie. Okrem toho možnosť využívať absorpčný povrch inej než čiernej farby pomohla architektom odhaliť nové možnosti solárnych kolektorov.

Geothermal stack of BPHEs

Geothermal energy storage is a new energy-saving application with promising future growth potential. Reduced fossil fuel burning and a 95% reduction of CO2 emissions are clear advantages of this system.

Ecology meets economy in a sustainable office building

The Slovak city of Košice has recently seen the construction of a new and innovative building – the EcoPoint Office Center. 

Budova holandskej univerzity sa dočkala priekopníckeho klimatizačného systému

Ohromujúca novostavba Centra vied o živých organizmoch holandskej Groningenskej univerzity sa môže pochváliť revolučným klimatizačným systémom, ktorý o 60 % znižuje množstvo energie potrebnej na vykurovanie a chladenie.

Clean or untreated water? A BPHE works with both

Industries around the world have to face the challenge of water contamination due to insufficient filtration.

Turkey promotes a more sustainable society

Turkey is currently experiencing an increase in population combined with an urbanization rate that has risen rapidly, from 53% in 1990 to 75% in 2008. New buildings are constantly being erected in urban areas, and it is necessary to find cost-effective ways to save energy. 

Nefit goes for AsyMatrix®

Dutch company Nefit uses our heat exchanger based on the AsyMatrix® concept in the company’s boilers.