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Space- and cost-savings from SWEP AsyMatrix™ brazed plate heat exchangers

Jelly Fish delivers an efficient heat pump solution powered by SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers to a large hotel in São Paulo, Brazil

SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers provide a reliable, highly efficient solution for boilers

Terris Energy is specifically dedicated to the design and distribution of high-quality heating solutions for collective housing, tertiary, and commercial premises. Terris Energy has been working with SWEP for over 5 years with their T-EASY solutions that provide optimized performance for boiler applications. 

High temperature heat pumps cut energy cost at new energy center

Vikersund Bad & Rehabiliteringssenter AS is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre outside Oslo, Norway. It provides a wide range of rehabilitation services for different diagnoses and conditions, including cognitive rehabilitation, rehabilitation for rheumatic disease and in response to stroke and traumatic injury.

Delivering efficient water heating solution at Recanto das Cachoeiras National Park

Ecogetec, together with SWEP, are striving to help bring comfort and efficiency to everyone looking for unique travel and leisure experiences throughout Brazil.

SWEP provides efficient water heating for Ecogetec system in large resort located in south part of Brazil

Summer in Brazil comes together with scholar vacation. Nothing better than travelling with your family to a huge resort in the middle of nature, with a guarantee of hot water in the swimming pools 24/7.

SWEP supports Rheem Thermal to shape a sustainable future

In the Sydney Opera House, energy efficiency improvements have been made over past years for living up to commitment to sustainability.

SWEP helps deliver large cost savings for resort through sustainable water heating solution

Ecogetec, with the help of SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers, teamed up to provide a sustainable, energy efficient heating solution at a popular Brazilian resort that resulted in an annual savings of $116,000!

Diversified Heat Transfer and SWEP Double wall brazed plate heat exchangers make an extremely efficient heating duo

When Diversified Heat Transfer (DHT) began to develop their innovative new line of fully packaged storage water heaters, they knew that they wanted SWEP as their trusted heat transfer partner for this endeavor.

SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers help maintain playing conditions at top golf course

Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, OK was faced with the challenge of maintaining soil temperatures for its new Cool Season Bank grass between 65°F and 80°F degrees throughout the year.  With the help of RAE Corporation and the Technical Systems team, along with SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers, a system was designed that will prevent the club’s 18 greens from dying in harsh temperatures. 

Understanding brazed plate heat exchangers efficiency in your systems

SWEP is the world's largest producer of brazed plate heat exchangers. This heat exchanger technology is a great option in terms of efficiency and form factor in multiple applications. This case highlights how to choose the proper heat exchanger and how that choice directly impacts the performance of the system. 

All Valve Industries cooperates with SWEP to challenge efficiency in hot water delivery

Circulating hot water in a plumbing system to maintain the design temperature is standard practice in most residential and commercial multi-level buildings. 

Oventrop: Keep water running with Sealix® brazed plate heat exchangers

Scaling and corrosion are two of the main reasons for the breakdown of tap water heating systems. This was also the experience of Oventrop – one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sanitary fittings and water systems. At least until they turned to SWEP’s new range of Sealix® protected brazed-plate heat exchangers.