Prípadové štúdie

Refriac chillers equipped with SWEP evaporators provide ice skating fun year-round in Brazil!

SWEP’s range of high-performance evaporators provides a strong heat transfer solution for Refriac chillers to help maintain the perfect ice rink conditions all year. 

SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers prove vital for green house temperature control

Holambra, a city located in São Paulo State, is home to the biggest green house in Latin America with an annual production of over 100 million flowers. With temperature control being crucial in this project, Transcalor knew that SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers were the right choice for the heat transfer element in the application.

Cooling sheet metal laser cutting equipment with SWEP All-Stainless brazed plate heat exchangers

SWEP’s robust All-Stainless brazed plate heat exchangers helped provide optimized cooling for sheet metal laser cutting equipment where deionized water is the main coolant. The copper-free chiller system was imperative to maintain the integrity of non-conductive coolants.

SWEP Malaysia: brazed plate heat exchangers used for highly efficient cooling systems

Take a closer look at the cooling system at SWEP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as an example of a highly efficient and low-maintenance cooling system.

Optimizing freeze drying solutions for the Pharma Industry

For more than half a century, IMA Life Freeze Drying Solutions has been the gold standard when it comes to providing the benchmark for freeze drying solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Pioneer power station with brazed plate heat exchanger LNG vaporizers

One of the world’s first power stations with brazed plate heat exchangers LNG vaporizers has been installed at a gold mine in Perth, Australia. The company behind the project, EVOL LNG, is a leading provider of LNG for transport, power generation and other industrial applications. It provides a trucked natural gas solution to fuel off-grid power stations and deliver a solution with less capital cost than natural gas pipelines and with lower fuel costs than diesel. 

BPHE od spoločnosti SWEP sa nevyrovnajú žiadne vysokokapacitné priemyselné chladiace zariadenia

Priemyselné chladiace zariadenia sa dodávajú v rozličných veľkostiach a prevedeniach. Pri vysoko kapacitných chladiacich zariadeniach sa už tradične používajú rúrkové tepelné výmenníky, no BPHE od spoločnosti SWEP to začínajú meniť. Sú výkonné, no malé, a dokonale sa hodia pre väčšinu priemyselných systémov.