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Prípadové štúdie

Pioneer power station with BPHE LNG vaporizers

One of the world’s first power stations with BPHE LNG vaporizers has been installed at a gold mine in Perth, Australia. The company behind the project, EVOL LNG, is a leading provider of LNG for transport, power generation and other industrial applications. It provides a trucked natural gas solution to fuel off-grid power stations and deliver a solution with less capital cost than natural gas pipelines and with lower fuel costs than diesel. 

Aircel air dryers show their full potential with ADWIS

With 100,000 units sold at the beginning of 2015, SWEP's range ADWIS (Air Dryer With Integrated Separator) is now quickly becoming the market standard within several industrial applications. A successful combination of research and thorough knowledge of market demands, this solution solves a common problem without compromising compactness or efficiency.

Jacket temperature control

Keeping the temperature of chemical reactions at the right level is a delicate matter. Often the reaction takes place in a reactor and is very sensitive to temperature changes. 

BPHE od spoločnosti SWEP sa nevyrovnajú žiadne vysokokapacitné priemyselné chladiace zariadenia

Priemyselné chladiace zariadenia sa dodávajú v rozličných veľkostiach a prevedeniach. Pri vysoko kapacitných chladiacich zariadeniach sa už tradične používajú rúrkové tepelné výmenníky, no BPHE od spoločnosti SWEP to začínajú meniť. Sú výkonné, no malé, a dokonale sa hodia pre väčšinu priemyselných systémov.