SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers provide a reliable, highly efficient solution for boilers

Terris Energy is specifically dedicated to the design and distribution of high-quality heating solutions for collective housing, tertiary, and commercial premises. Terris Energy has been working with SWEP for over 5 years with their T-EASY solutions that provide optimized performance for boiler applications. 

SWEP's brazed plate heat exchangers paired with Terris Energy's T-EASY heating solution simplifies your boiler applications 

T-EASY is a heating solution intended for collective and industrial buildings that meet 140 kW to 750 kW power requirements. The T-EASY prefabricated boiler room has been developed to optimize the performance of the heating system while simplifying installation and operation. Composed of several light and compact modules, T-EASY is quickly installed and easily transported into any room.

T-SMART analyzes all the data returned by the boilers, the pumps, the DHW (Domestic Hot Water) heat exchanger, the calorimeter, etc., to inform the user about the state of the system. Data collection is used to proactively plan for maintenance and to diagnose any kind of problem that could appear in real time. 

Interface of Terris Energy's T-SMART

Interface of Terris Energy's T-SMART software

Terris Energy has used SWEP's brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) in their daily operations for domestic hot water production for the past few years. SWEP is a world-leading supplier of BPHEs that has provided their product as an efficient heat transfer solution in heating applications around the globe. SWEP’s vast experience in residential heating covers both comfort and tap water heating.

SWEP's compact B85 model proves a highly efficient heat transfer solution 


For this project, Terris Energy uses SWEP’s B85 model, a highly efficient heat exchanger with high thermal performance. The B85 is the perfect choice for high-performance duty and demanding heat transfer requirements. The large ports enable it to cope with high capacities with ease.  A smaller pressing depth, compared with previous generations, makes the B85 more compact with a higher performance.  


One of the most remarkable aspects of SWEP's BPHEs in Terris Energy’s sanitary hot water solutions is the reliability that these products provide. Despite being subjected to constant use and demanding conditions, clients of Terris Energy have never had to perform any maintenance on the installed heat exchangers.


SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers provide consistency with efficient performance

Antoine Cohignac of Terris Energy states, ‘’This is a testament that good-quality materials - paired with our T-SMART heating management solution - are allowing performance and durability. We can trust that our domestic hot water installations will continue to perform optimally for many years to come.’’

According to Terris Energy, another key factor that sets SWEP's BPHEs apart is their consistent performance. Even after years of use, Terris Energy has not observed any significant loss in efficiency or effectiveness which means that no scaling or fouling build-up occurs. This is essential for their business, as they have to maintain precise temperature control in the DHW processes. With SWEP's BPHEs, they can be confident that they are getting the best possible performance every day.

Terris Energy has been proud to incorporate SWEP in their smart heating solutions for residential and tertiary buildings and is looking forward to a continued partnership with SWEP’s BPHEs being the preferred, efficient heat transfer solution for their products.

Terris Energy product with SWEP brazed plate heat exchanger installed

Terris Energy product with SWEP brazed plate heat exchanger installed

SWEP's focus on sustainable solutions for the future

SWEP is a supplier of versatile brazed plate heat exchangers for applications, including heat pumps, that in the past have required the use of synthetic refrigerants such as chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), and hydrofluorocarbon (HFC). Currently, the industry is undergoing a major technology shift, with synthetic refrigerants being replaced with new environmentally friendly natural refrigerants as part of the drive to reduce global warming impact. Working closely with customers and other component suppliers, SWEP is involved in a variety of projects that aim to replace high GWP refrigerants with natural or newly developed low GWP alternatives. This will enable us to optimize our existing products and develop new heat exchangers for the future, to the benefit of our customers and the planet.

SWEP is also focusing on applications that use renewable energy sources. Clean energy applications include energy storage, high-temperature heat pumps, solar systems, ORC, etc. SWEP’s BPHE technology utilized in these applications increases system efficiency, contributing to a sustainable future.


We are constantly striving for a more sustainable tomorrow. For almost 40 years, SWEP has been dedicated to searching for the most efficient and sustainable heat-transfer solutions, something we continue to demonstrate in our products, our activities, and our ambitions.  Find out more about our Sustainability journey here!